Rescue Assist

Something this simple can help save lives.

Meet Rescue AssistSM – the first-ever use of QR codes to help passengers and first responders to stay safe.

QR codes are equipped in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles in production as of 11/1/13, and are now available to retrofit on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles dating back to 1990. Contact RBM of Atlanta for more information or to schedule your FREE Appointment to have Rescue AssistSM installed on your vehicle.

It can be a dangerous situation when, at the scene of an accident, first responders don’t have a vehicle’s structural information readily available. With Rescue AssistSM, that’s no longer an issue. They can scan a QR code in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle to quickly see where batteries, airbags and other structural elements are located to safely perform the rescue.

You mind their safety. We’ll mind yours.

With Rescue AssistSM, the QR code decal will be placed in two areas on the vehicle. When you scan the QR code, within seconds, a webpage will open to a structural view of the vehicle. Rescue AssistSM is both free and easy to use.