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100 percent emotions, zero percent emissions

—– The future is electric and Mercedes-Benz is taking a huge leap forward in electrifying the entire lineup of vehicles. In this lineup, Mercedes-Benz propels its vision to create new and exciting electric mobility experiences for drivers through cutting-edge technology innovation. This journey began with the EQS, the all-electric sibling to the iconic S-class, setting the tone and path for all upcoming electric Mercedes-Benz models. By 2025, it’s Mercedes-Benz’s goal to have an all-electric option for every single model line.  —–


EQS Interior of the Front Driver and Passenger Seat

Mercedes-Benz: All-Electric Technology

Every Mercedes-Benz: All Electric has an all-electric power train. These cars do not have an internal combustion engine to power them, instead they have one or more electric motors. All Mercedes-Benz: All Electric vehicles have synchronous motors for greater refinement, precision and efficiency. Positioned beneath the floor, each vehicle is equipped with a powerful battery using the latest lithium-ion technology that set new benchmarks in performance, efficiency, and charging capacity.


Mercedes-Benz: All Electric’s smart Navigation with Electric Intelligence plans the fastest and most comfortable, convenient route in advance, including charging stops, based on calculated energy demand including topography, ambient temperature, driving speed, heating and cooling requirements as well as reacting to changes in driving style or unexpected congestion. It also optimizes the vehicle for faster charging. The planned route can also be edited individually according to the customer’s preferences.


Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Model Inventory

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Mercedes-Benz: All Electric Model Inventory

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  • Two EQS SUVs plugged in charging at Electrify America stations

    Charging Options

    Charging your vehicle is easier than you think. There are multiple convenient charging options for you to charge your Mercedes-Benz: All Electric vehicle at home or on the go.

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  • EQE Sedan parked outside house


    Thinking of going electric? See the benefits and advantages of owning a Mercedes-Benz: All Electric vehicle.

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  • A DC Charger plugged into a EQ Vehicle

    Maintaining Your Vehicle

    Mercedes-Benz: All Electric batteries are designed to last for many years. Explore how to maximize the battery life of your Mercedes-Benz: All Electric vehicle.

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