Certified Pre-Owned Certification Process

To qualify for Pre-Owned Certification, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle must meet stringent criteria and pass a rigorous inspection.

To begin the inspection, a mileage/history verification is performed and owner’s manuals and spare keys are assembled.

11 Point General Inspection

  1. Identifiable Structural Damage
  2. Mileage and History verification
  3. Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Verification
  4. Verify all recall and campaigns have been performed
  5. Current Maintenance and Warranty Booklet
  6. Current Owners manual
  7. All spare keys including wheel locks if installed
  8. OEM Factory Window verification
  9. Roadside Assistance Program labels
  10. MBCPO inspection label affixed to B-Pillar
  11. Perform testing for Diagnostic codes

Mercedes-Benz engines undergo all oil and fluid inspections to ensure unmatched performance. Engine, transmission, and rear-axle oil, brake, clutch, and level-control fluid, among other are carefully examined.

13 Point Engine Compartment and Pre-Road Test Checks

  1. Engine oil quality and level checks
  2. Transmission oil check
  3. Rear Axle Oil check
  4. Transfer Case Oil Check
  5. Front Axle Oil check
  6. Antifreeze protection check
  7. Power Steering Fluid check
  8. Brake Fluid & Clutch Fluid check
  9. Windshield Washer Fluid check
  10. Level Control Oil, ADS
  11. Battery Condition and check
  12. Verify functionality of any moving linkages
  13. AdBlue level check

We perform a thorough condition check verification of your engine from filters and plugs to engine mounts and V-belts.

16 Point Engine Component Inspection

  1. Emission control System checks
  2. Fuel Filter check
  3. Spark Plug check
  4. Dynamic compression test (over 60,000 miles)
  5. Fuel Injection System
  6. Ignition System check
  7. Pre-Glow system check
  8. Vacuum pump check
  9. Boost Pressure Check
  10. Air cleaner / Filter check per maintenance schedule
  11. V-Belt and Poly V-Belt check
  12. Engine Mount check
  13. Heating and Ventilation Dust filter per maintenance schedule
  14. Active Charcoal Filter / Pre-Filter per maintenance schedule
  15. Recirculation Air Filter per maintenance schedule
  16. A/C Refrigerant Charge per maintenance schedule

Everything on the vehicle that takes a charge, from the headlamps, fuses, and radio to the heated seats, front seat-belt presenters, and rear-window sunshade, gets checked and approved.

32 Point Electrical System Inspection

  1. Fuses condition and proper rating
  2. MIL check
  3. Instrument Cluster check
  4. Exterior rear view mirror check
  5. Exterior mirror fold-back operation
  6. Interior rear view mirror check
  7. Automatic dimming rear view mirror
  8. Radio and speaker function check
  9. Tire Pressure Monitoring System check
  10. CD Changer and DVD rear entertainment system check (if applicable)
  11. Cell phone and BlueTooth check (if applicable)
  12. Cigarette Lighters
  13. Voice Control Systems (if applicable)
  14. mBrace functionality and software check
  15. Switches check
  16. Steering Column adjustment and memory
  17. Seat Adjustment and memory check
  18. Heated / Ventilated Seats
  19. Front Seat Belt Extenders (coupe and Cabriolet)
  20. Front seat backrest latch/ Release (Coupe and Cabriolet)
  21. Front seat backrest latch/ Release Chime / Warning Lamp (Coupe and Cabriolet)
  22. Rear Window Defroster check
  23. Rear Head Restraint Retraction
  24. Rear Window Sunshade
  25. Horn
  26. Headlamp Low / High Beam & All exterior lights
  27. Rear Seat Back rest latch / Warning Lamp
  28. Panorama Roof Function and Rollo Shades
  29. Interior and Entry Lighting
  30. Windshield Wiper / Washer systems
  31. Air-Scarf Functionality
  32. Rain-Sensor Functionality

We get right underneath the vehicle to scrutinize the steering, suspensions, brakes, wheels, tires, and driveshaft.

16 Point Undercarriage & Drivetrain Inspection

  1. Drive Shaft Flex discs, couplings and Center Support Bridge
  2. Exhaust System /Connections / Supports
  3. Parking Brake and Cables
  4. Brake Lines
  5. Tire Wear including spare
  6. Wheel inspection
  7. Wheel bolt torque
  8. Wheel alignment check and adjust if necessary
  9. Brake Rotors and Pads check
  10. Shock Absorbers / Damper struts
  11. Suspension Inspection
  12. Self-Leveling Suspension inspection
  13. Front / Rear Axel Rubber Mounts / Bushings
  14. Check Steering Play
  15. Tighten Steering Gear Bolts for 463 vehicle
  16. Front Axle Ball joints

From body structure to glass, lamp frames, lenses, seat belts, and vanity mirrors, nothing is left out.

26 Point Chassis and Body Inspection

  1. Body Structure Inspection
  2. Glass, Lamp Frames and Lenses
  3. Central Locking System Function
  4. Mechanical Locking at all points
  5. Alarm System Function
  6. Power Window Operations from all points
  7. One touch and convenience Closing
  8. Interior Trim, Inspect Dash, Door Panels, Seat Covers, etc
  9. First Aid Kit – Inspect and Replace if inner seal is broken, check expiration date
  10. Multi-Contour seats
  11. Seat Belt Operation and Condition
  12. Front Seat Belt Height adjustment
  13. Front Seat Center Armrest and hinges
  14. Front Sun Visors / Vanity Mirrors, Rear Vanity Mirrors (if equipped)
  15. Roll Bar / Pop Up Headrest
  16. Parktronic (if available)
  17. Soft top and Seats, condition and operation
  18. Aircap – Check operation and proper movement according to vehicle specs
  19. Door / Trunk Lid Closing Assist
  20. Trunk Release
  21. Tailgate Closing Assist
  22. Rear Facing Third Seat (Station Wagon)
  23. Door / Trunk / Tailgate Seals, Inspect Drains
  24. Sliding Roof function Drains and Headliner
  25. Inspect Glass Roof for Scratches / Corrective action
  26. Instruments

The road test is conducted firsthand from the driver’s seat: instruments, vibration, and noise, shift lock operations, and more are all checked.

15 Point Road Test Inspection

  1. Instruments
  2. Speedometer / Odometer / Tripmeter
  3. Steering / Vehicle handling / Centered Steering Wheel
  4. Braking System Performance / Parking Brake Operation
  5. Automatic Climate Control Function, Regulation, Display, Odors
  6. Cruise Control Function
  7. Verify Navigation Function
  8. Verify Distronic Function
  9. Engine Performance
  10. Excessive Exhaust Smoke (Diesel)
  11. Vibration and Noise (Drivetrain / Wheels)
  12. Transmission Shifting (upshift / downshift, Kickdown)
  13. Shift-Lock Operation
  14. Wind Noise
  15. Post-Road Test

After our test drive, we check for leaks, verify the proper fluid levels, and complete the inspection of the climate control begun during road test.

3 Point Post-Road Test Inspection

  1. Fluid Leaks – Visible Inspection
  2. Automatic Climate Control
  3. All Fluid Levels (under hood)

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a clean-skinned beauty, as free as dings, dents, rips, scratches, and scuffs as we can make it, with high quality fit and finish, inside and out.

33 Point Appearance Inspection

  1. Engine wash
  2. Trunk Mats
  3. Paint
  4. Spare Tire, Tools & Jack, Check Tirefit sealant expiration date
  5. Moisture and Odor
  6. Vacuum and Shampoo
  7. Floor Mats
  8. Carpet
  9. Upholstery
  10. headliner, Door Panels
  11. Buttons Knobs and Vents, Instrument Panel
  12. Glass and Mirrors
  13. Wood and / or Chrome Trim
  14. Vacuum and Shampoo
  15. Screws
  16. Ashtrays
  17. De-grease Door Jambs, Hinges, Kickpanels and Visors
  18. Moisture and Odor
  19. Dings, Dents and Scratches
  20. Examine Paint
  21. Examine and Clean Chrome
  22. Glass and Mirror Housing
  23. Grill
  24. Lamp Lenses
  25. Badges
  26. Trim and Moldings
  27. Wipers
  28. Bumpers
  29. Door Edges, Frames
  30. Wash and Wax
  31. Scuffs and Scratches
  32. Cuts and Gouges
  33. Wash and Polish


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