Mercedes-Benz All Electric: How to Maximize the Battery Life Of Your Vehicle

Blue EQS Sedan driving on the road with mountains in the background

Use pre-entry climate control during charging:

Pre-heat/pre-cool the cabin while you’re waiting saves predicted range, because the energy required to keep the battery and interior at the right temperature is covered by the charging current. It also warms the battery to optimum operating temperature prior to departure.

Don’t fill up completely:

Charge it to an average charge level of 80%. For physical and chemical reasons, beyond a charge level of 80%, the charging time is considerably prolonged as the battery approaches its full capacity.

Take time over your pit stop:

Electric cars should only be charged quickly during a journey if it’s really necessary. Constant fast charging with high charging powers can have a negative effect on the life of the battery.

Hand control to the co-pilot:

If possible, always activate Navigation with Electric Intelligence.

Avoid extreme temperatures:

If possible, you should not park your electric car in the blazing sun in summer, but in the shade. In winter, a garage is ideal for parking and charging.

Keep it half-full:

If the vehicle is not going to be used for an extended period, for example due to you being away on a long-distance trip, it should be parked with a medium charge level (between 30% and 50%). This slows down the loss of charge in the battery.

Seek information in advance:

Mercedes me connect offers many helpful functions related to charging. These include a filter option that allows the charging points to be sorted according to criteria such as availability or charging capacity.