AMG® Technologies: Suspensions


Built for exceptional performance in mind, Mercedes-AMG® suspensions deliver precise control and comfort.
There are three different kinds of spring suspensions on AMG® models – steel, air, and active hydraulics.

  • AMG® Steel Suspension

    AMG® Steel Suspension

    Steel sprung AMG® sport suspensions feature conventional steel springs elements that have been tuned for sporty driving with maximum precision, ideal for fast cornering and agile handling.

    These suspensions may incorporate AMG® RIDE CONTROL – an adaptive damping system that allows drivers to switch between three stages: Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ while automatically varying the firmness of the suspension to conform to driving conditions.

  • AMG® Air Suspension

    AMG® Air Suspension

    AMG® sport suspensions with air springs are used on many AMG® models. Based on AIRMATIC®, it utilizes advanced air springs struts on the front and rear suspension to optimize handling and control.

    AIRMATIC® automatically adjusts ride height to compensate for load weight changes and reduce ride height at higher speeds for better aerodynamics and stability. The driver can also raise ride height for additional ground clearance of obstacles or steep driveways.

  • AMG® Active Hydraulic Suspension with Active Body Control and Magic Body Control

    AMG® Active Hydraulic Suspension

    AMG® sport suspension using active hydraulics employ ACTIVE BODY CONTROL (ABC®) or MAGIC BODY CONTROL®.

    ABC® works effectively to react to the road, holding the body steady by individually regulating both damping and ride height for each wheel. Sport mode for ABC® assists in maintaining a level suspension under the most challenging driving situations.

    MAGIC BODY CONTROL® is a combination of ABC® and ROAD SURFACE SCAN®, a system which uses two cameras that’s mounted on the windshield to analyze the road ahead and adjusts the suspension to the road in advance, resulting in a smoother ride.

    Similarly, on some AMG® models, an ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM® reads the road and enables the vehicle to lean into a curve at an angle by raising or lowering the suspension to keep the car level, reducing the G forces on passengers for greater comfort when driving.

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