AMG® Technologies: Exhaust Systems


A Music to the Ears

The defining signature sound of AMG® lies in its exhaust note. There is so much emphasis on sound that AMG® has a development team specifically dedicated to exhaust systems. The sound is tuned to the given model and engine; therefore, every model has its own distinct sound statement.

Starting in 2019 models, AMG® Emotion Start is a unique startup feature that starts the vehicle with exhaust valves open and revs the engine 200-300 RPM higher than normal, igniting a more pronounced, aggressive sound of the engine. Activating Emotion Start is seamless, with one foot on the brake, holding either one of the paddle shifters as the ignition is pressed. This is just another perfectly engineered way AMG® ties the emotion behind their vehicles to its sound.

Exhaust - Emotion Start
  • Sport Exhaust

    AMG® Sport Exhaust

    On most AMG® models, the sound of the standard AMG® sport exhaust system is controlled with the aid of a flap that regulates air flow to the muffler and tailors the exhaust note.

    From a restrained, comfort character to a self-confident sporty driving sound, this enables a difference in the production of sounds according to the selected drive program (AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT).

  • AMG Performance Exhaust

    AMG® Performance Exhaust

    On some AMG® models, the performance exhaust system offers a broader spread between a more subdued or more emotional, aggressive sound than the sport exhaust system, allowing for manual exhaust adjustments by adjusting air flow through the exhaust.

    The exhaust flaps are either controlled through a touch of a button or according to the drive program, engine speed, and load ideally suited for each driving situation.

    When dialed into its most dynamic setting, the system can produce an exhaust note rivaling AMG® race cars.

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