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While your vehicle is at RBM of Atlanta Mercedes-Benz for service, take advantage of our Detail Center – your convenient source for professional detailing. Our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle in showroom condition. Our on-site leather repair specialist can renew the look and feel of the interior. And to ensure your satisfaction, the Detail Center Manager and Service Adviser both inspect every car and sign off on a detailed checklist before it's released back to you.

Your Service Adviser can help you choose which service is right for keeping your car in showroom condition.  Please call 770-390-0600 for more information.

RBM of Atlanta Detail Center Menu

Basic Wash  Complimentary w/Service
Automatic machine wash, blow dry, vacuum interior both front and back seats (carpet areas only).

Deluxe Wash $30.00
This thorough wash includes interior vacuum (including trunk), cleaning wheels, glossing tires and windows.
Shampoo floor mats for an additional $15.95

Interior Detail $89.95
For when your car's interior needs special attention. Deluxe Wash, plus ...
  • Shampoo carpets and floor mats.
  • Thoroughly clean seats, dashboard, door panels, and console.
  • Conditioning treatment for leather upholstery and trim.

Complete Detail
A value priced way to get an immaculate car, inside and out.  We begin with a thorough interior detail (as described above).  We then move to the exterior, with a buffing to remove minor paint imperfections and a hand-applied coat of synthetic polymer wax for a brilliant finish.

The Showroom Polish $289.95
This is our specialty – we put all our experience into the process.  In addition to all the services included in the Complete Detail, we create a long-lasting, high-gloss paint finish by slightly heating the surface with foam polishing pads, working a deep shine into the finish.  With careful buffing and orbital polishing, we remove as many imperfections as possible – then lock in the shine with an all-natural carnauba sealant.  We also deodorize the interior and trunk.  The result – a car that looks like it just came off the showroom floor!

A la Carte Items
Shampoo carpets $49.95
Shampoo floor mats $15.95